This set of 5 webinars is addressed to anyone that wants to gain more knowledge and motivation to create and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The program is:


Everything is guided and explained by a psychologist and personal trainer with 9 years of experience in health


You write down and practice personally the information, adjusting it to your individualized goal


Eeach person can take their insights and most relevant information from the program


Each session lasts 30-60 minutes and it delivers clear, on-topic information with Q&A session

The program is build up in a manner where information and practice are put together, about all aspects to consider when we want to live a healthier life.

People can reach their best potential when they feel healthy, mentally and physically.

Knowing how to take care of your thoughts, body and nutrition gives you freedom to enjoy life as you want.

Description of the modules

WEBINAR 1 (paper and pen needed)

Start fresh: create true motivation and your WHY for a healthy lifestyle

– We will learn about the three basic mental foundations of building up the motivation and capability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding your drive, needs and values, brings perspective on choosing health and why you truly want it

– We will discuss each of the three mental foundations with real-life examples

– We will actively bring to surface your 3 mental foundations so it becomes easier to understand yourself better

WEBINAR 2 (paper and pen needed)

Set a  goal and make it easy to follow: productivity time

– We will learn how to set a goal that makes us happy, instead of “because we have to”

– We will make the goal clear, specific, realistic, attainable through behavioral psychology techniques so it becomes more natural to follow and overcome obstacles

– Q&A and tips to make productivity a part of your day to day life



WEBINAR 3 (comfortable clothes needed)

Know your body and discover simple and efficient exercises to shape, lose weight, reduce back pain

– We will learn basic technique and exercises for a fast full-body workout at home or outdoor

– We will discuss back pain, its causes and ways to reduce it

– We will practice an awareness exercise: main muscles that we have in our body and how to feel and activate them

– Q&A session 


WEBINAR 4 (What is in your fridge, cause it's time for food!)

Eating healthier by knowing what to put on your plate

– We will discuss the concept of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats with examples

– We will get ideas for good options of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

– Q&A session and myths about losing weight

WEBINAR 5 (enthusiasm needed)

Positive psychology techniques for a more balanced day to day life

– We will learn a few scientific-based principles to think more positive

– Tips for creating a more positive, but rational attitude towards life

– Ending exercise: gratitude practice


With my accreditation and experience in Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, personal training and nutrition, after permanently learning what helps my clients from all cultures, I want to guide you through :

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