I have trained hundreds of amazing people and I am more than happy that I had the chance to be by their side in the process of change.
I am happy also when I see that their experiences are life changing ones.

Teodora Goloiu

In May 2019, I decided to invest in myself by engaging a personal trainer and I have met Teo. My main goal was weight loss but also general guidance as I just came out of a very tough personal situation. Ever since, I have seen Teo on a weekly basis and slowly but surely felt myself get stronger. Physically, but definitely also mentally. My posture has improved drastically, I am fit and strong and I am in a much calmer state. I strongly recommend Teo, who always greets you with her beautiful smile and helps you through challenging workouts making the time fly. It’s impossible not to love her personality and her professional training methods.
Things I have never thought I could do when I was 50 ... I do! It's a really great experience. As a personal trainer, Teodora encourages me, understands my goals and is super professional. Even when it comes to eating habits. Training with Teodora is fun and full of enthusiasm. In short, Teodora is great!
Why should you give Teodora a chance to help you change your life? Because she is there for you. She is authentic, honest and professional. She can teach about your body and nutrition in order for you to achieve your goals. If you are committed and if you are ready to take the steps toward the new you, this is where you should start. I was deeply unhappy with myself and with my looks when I first met Teodora and started to work with her. It amazes me every single time, how eager she is to help you and find the way to you. She knows immediately what the way it is to achieve your physical goal but she also likes to find the way to you mentally. I cannot express in words how much she helped me to get to know better myself, how my body works. I got an education on nutrition and we had deep talks about my connection to food, my (bad) habits, and how to build a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I am eternally grateful to her for teaching me about all of this. I keep getting closer to my healthy weight, I am getting stronger with every work-out and I am mindful about eating .. and let me be honest with you, somehow I feel calmer in general and starting to show some sign of self love as well toward myself. I would have never gotten here without Teodora.
How the collaboration with Teodora has helped me. If you would ask me a year ago, I would tell you weight training is simply not something for me. Even though I was never in a bad physical condition, I never had this strong long-lasting relationship with sports & fitness. I can say that this changed since I started training with Teodora. The reason I reached her at first, was to build a strong body. After the first sessions already, I noticed improvement in my muscle strength & stamina. The big surprise though is with the change in my mental health. Dealing with self-criticism, I tend to be hard on myself. Teodora helps me value myself more, listen to my body’s needs and eat more balanced. She rewards me for my achievements and push my limits when I am about to give up, but I can continue more. She is a professional trainer with passion for what she does, with great values as a person, a good listener and motivator to become a better version of yourself. When I train with Teodora it is definitely my moment, I never imagined I would be looking forward to it!
For me personal training with Teodora is great. After I gave birth I started training with her and she absolutely knows how to train a woman who just gave birth. First we had a talk about what are your goals with your body, what do you want etc etc. Then I got a diet plan and training plan. We did it step by step and every time we meet, it gets a little bit harder and harder.. in the beginning I had sore muscles after every session but that was good and after a while I got used to it. I would highly recommend Teodora. She is very patient, always happy when I see her and if I have some questions she is always available to reply. She is flexible with the schedule and for me, as a mother with a toddler and a small baby that is very important. She focuses a lot on the technique and I am very happy to have her as my personal trainer.
Teodora taught me how to find the right balance between working full time from home and making time for myself. Working from home began to affect my mental health and food routine. Each work-out session we started with a good conversation about how I feel, what I ate and how my week was. Teodora really listens and understands what I am trying to say and how I think. She motivates me to reach my goals and each lesson she challenges me and that is exciting! Teodora always makes sure I keep on laughing while working out. I never leave the gym without a boost and a smile on my face! Highly recommended!
If you are looking for somebody to push you to your limit with a smile on the face - you found the right person! I have been working out with Teodora for over a year and not planning to stop anytime soon.
I needed the help of a personal trainer to get in my best shape for surfing. Teo helped me out getting in shape not just physically, but also mentally. I would recommend her to anybody.
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