3 weeks Body&mind boost program

The three week program comes to offer you a personalized intervention, a kick start, on a combination of three essential health factors: body, mind and nutrition.

You deserve support and the best instruments in order to feel at your best.

During this period of uncertinty, one of the most important aspects to keep your mental and physical health as strong as you can, is to take care of your body, mind and nutrition. You deserve to feel at your best!

What will you achive in the next three weeks, after an assessment of your personal situation: 

A personalized workout plan for your goal

Lose or gain weight, shaping, muscle building, overcoming muscle pain or stiffness, adjusted to your fitness level (from absolute beginner to advanced). You will learn basic: technique, proper fitness exercises, correct body posture for standing and sitting and pain recovery. (suitable for home or gym).

A personalized mindset coaching process

You will learn a base for: coping mechanisms for negative emotions, motivation mindset, goal achieving techniques, the concept of balance, positive thinking strategies.

A personalized nutritional reccomendation

You will learn, in accordance with your needs a base for: best food choices for weight-loss or weight-gain, muscle and shape building, proper food quantities, basic information about micro and macro-nutrients.



I am a fitness personal trainer and a psychologist and I have worked with hundreds of clients on health goals. The program is suitable for new clients and is build to offer you a maximum level of health knowledge in a minimum of time.

The program length is 3 weeks and you will have in total 3 one-on-one meetings, one per week. Each meeting consists of 2 hours of coaching.

The two hours of coaching will consist of :

  • 45 minutes personal training workout, online or in the gym.
  • 10 minutes break after workout
  • 30 minutes mindset coaching
  • 30 minutes nutritional coaching
  • 5 minutes feedback session


At the end of the program, you will know:

  • basic technique and exercise choices for attending your goal
  • more about your body, muscles and tips and tricks for best fitness results
  • how to achieve goals and feel mentally better
  • what food choices and quantities are best for your fitness goals

Location & price


  • online/Gym, in the city center of Amsterdam

Price: 100 Euro*

  • *discount 10% off for any 10 pack session membership in the future
  • *30 Euro/month gym fee (for gym training)


What better moment than now to start taking care of your mind and body?

During the pandemic, lock down, work from home and winter period, one of the most important aspects to keep your mental and physical health as strong as you can, is to take care of your body, mind and nutrition. You deserve to feel at your best!

The current situation, when we stay inside most of the time, can have different impact on each one of us, causing more reactions:

Sport, for a strong, shaped body

Having a proper weight, toned muscles, condition, energy and agility, pain free life

Peace of the mind

Realistic but positive attitude, goal orientation, strength to face any life obstacle combined with proper relaxation techniques


Knowing how, what and when to eat in order to feel and look at your best, energized and healthy.

I am here to help you boost your energy, your psychic and to learn you to gain new healthy habits.


In May 2019, I decided to invest in myself by engaging a personal trainer and I have met Teo. My main goal was weight loss but also general guidance as I just came out of a very tough personal situation. Ever since, I have seen Teo on a weekly basis and slowly but surely felt myself get stronger. Physically, but definitely also mentally. My posture has improved drastically, I am fit and strong and I am in a much calmer state. I strongly recommend Teo, who always greets you with her beautiful smile and helps you through challenging workouts making the time fly. It’s impossible not to love her personality and her professional training methods.


Teodora taught me how to find the right balance between working full time from home and making time for myself. Working from home began to affect my mental health and food routine. Each work-out session we started with a good conversation about how I feel, what I ate and how my week was. Teodora really listens and understands what I am trying to say and how I think. She motivates me to reach my goals and each lesson she challenges me and that is exciting! Teodora always makes sure I keep on laughing while working out. I never leave the gym without a boost and a smile on my face! Highly recommended!


Ready to make the first step through a better life?

Start now!
i am here to make your journey easIer

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