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Teodora Goloiu

Plans overview

Online Personal coaching 60’

Per session

With this coaching you get personal support and guidance for personal development.

We focus on building up a positive mindset, building up healthy habits, stress management, overcoming negative past experiences, increase self esteem, learn techniques for achieving goals, time management, emotional eating, develop your personal concept about what a healthy lifestyle means.

Online personal training 45’

Per session

*Membership of 20 sessions receive 10% discount

With this coaching you get an online one on one video meeting of 45 minutes.

You can achieve your goals as easily as in the gym, because I demonstrate everything, correct and guide you so you give your best every session.

You get a free intake, free personalized nutrition plan and free mindset coaching during every session for complete results, in the safety and comfort of your house.

Outdoor and gym personal training 45’ or 60’

Per session

*Membership of 20 sessions receive 10% discount

With this coaching you get a one on one meeting of 45 minutes or 60 minutes, where you get every second of attention for best technique, motivation, injury recovery and good mood.

We workout full body by using machines, barbells, ketelbells, dumbells, TRX, elastic bands and body weight.

You get a free intake, free personalized nutrition plan and free mindset coaching during every session, for complete results.


One time

With this programe you get 3 one-on-one meetings of 2 hours of coaching each.

The three week program comes to offer you a personalized intervention, a kick start, on a combination of three essential health factors: body, mind and nutrition.

You will learn basic technique and exercise choices for attending your goal, more about your body, muscles and tips and tricks for best fitness results, how to achieve goals and feel mentally better and what food choices and quantities are best for your fitness goals.

Nutritional education program

1 personalized nutrition plan and 4 online meetings of 45 minutes

With this coaching you get a personalized food plan, assessment of your dietary habits, coaching over your progress and obstacles, attitude towards food, emotional eating patterns.

You will learn how to adjust the plan to your lifestyle, learn about proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, cravings and their significance, nutritional myths, the concept of moderation, calories and proper quantities of food for achieving your goals. I will guide you until you become independent in maintaining your new eating patterns.

reasons to work with me


What is special in working with me is that you will soon know you have found a safe place, where trust and partnership are key.

Personal trainer and psychologist

A place where you have all the attention and dedication to feel, look and think healthy. You will have your personal trainer and psychologist at the same time, ready to support you in all aspects of your life, in order to find the best balance between your body, mind and nutrition.

Sustainable life-change

You can have a sustainable life-change, by eating better, training correctly, shaping your dream body, building a positive mindset along with good habits.

So, I can help you if you are ready to make a change and you need help:

Ready for a new lifestyle?

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