Hi, I am Teodora. Welcome to my world!

If you are here and in search of support to live an active, healthy life I am happy to share my story, my attitude towards life and my professional experience with you.

So, what does a healthy life mean to you?

For me it’s a combination of these three factors:

Sport, for a strong, shaped body

Having a proper weight, energy agility and a pain free life

Peace of the mind

Realistic but positive attitude, goal orientation, strength to face any life obstacle combined with proper relaxation techniques


Knowing how, what and when to eat in order to feel and look at your best, energized and healthy.


I have built my work concept in the last 8 years, when I started working in health. I obtained my degree as a Psychologist then as Cognitive behavioral therapist.

At that point I was fascinated by the human MIND.

  • I have worked for 6 years in the main Oncology Institute of my country as a psychotherapist and in private practice with people with anxiety and depression.
  • It was a life changing experience. I have learned that health is extremely valuable and the smallest imbalance in it can affect all aspects of our life: your mood, your energy, your relationships, work, happiness level, your future.
  • After years of working with cancer patients, I observed one pattern: from two people with the exact same illness, the best rate of survival had the one that chose to keep a realistic and positive mindset over life. No doubt for that.
  • I also observed that healthy nutrition made a huge difference in the health recovery process.
  • And also, that proper physical activity helped the body to face even the biggest challenges with success.
  • I understood that the same rules apply for all of us, regardless our health status, age, culture or obstacles in life: we always feel better when we are active, eat well, sleep well, relax and enjoy the present.

Years ago, I personally had a series of painful events in my life. It was so hard for me, that I felt lost. My sleep, my eating patterns and my lifestyle were chaotic. I was highly underweight and in stress.

I realized then I had two choices: letting negative events to take my well-being and lose my health or becoming my biggest support and create my best future.

 I decided to apply the same rules that worked so well for my patients: rational attitude towards life, ability to learn from any event, positive ways to cope, practice gratitude and perseverance in obtaining goals.

Then, naturally I became fascinated by the human BODY.

Muscles, pain, hormones, illness, what was it all about?

I became passionate about fitness, trained constantly, learned the anatomy of the body, biomechanics and technique, then took my degree as a personal trainer. Sport became a way of living and soon my new job, with clients of all ages.

Right after, I deep dived into the field of nutrition. Learned about macronutrients and micronutrients, specific food choices for weight loss and muscle building, nutritional myths, sugar addiction, in order to offer my clients the best results.

Because life is so short and world is too big to live in only one place, I moved to the Netherlands.

My main accomplishment: using my passion and my science based knowledge in working with clients from all around the world and being able to contribute to their health.

I always adjust my attitude and my professional experience to the particular needs, goals, lifestyle, experience and culture of my clients. I get to understand them, support and guide them with enthusiasm for the longer term. I am the happiest when people offer me their trust and they work for their personal growth process to improve their life.




reasons to work with me


What is special in working with me is that you will soon know you have found a safe place, where trust and partnership are key.

Personal trainer and psychologist

A place where you have all the attention and dedication to feel, look and think healthy. You will have your personal trainer and psychologist at the same time, ready to support you in all aspects of your life, in order to find the best balance between your body, mind and nutrition.

Susteinable life-change

You can have a sustainable life-change, by eating better, training correctly, shaping your dreamed body, building a positive mindset along with good habits.

So, I can help you if you are ready to make a change and you need help:

Ready for a new lifestyle?

Start your journey now.

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