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A qualified fitness trainer, clinical psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist in one

Go for a fitter you - for life

I strongly believe that in order to have a durable lifestyle change – which makes you independent in maintaining and improving your results – it is important to have a healthy body, healthy mindset and healthy diet. Therefore one on one, online, outdoor and indoor personal training is an approach where we work as partners on your goals. For a fixed fee you get the elements from a qualified fitness trainer, clinical psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist, all in one.

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Online, outdoor and indoor training

Corona or not, a strong body is the best solution to staying healthy!

And now you have all options available!

Online personal training: time saving, affordable, efficient, safe, in the comfort of your house.

Outdoor personal training: achieve your goals in nature and always with a safe distance!  Equipment is provided.

Indoor personal training: achieve your goals in a beautiful location in the center of Amsterdam. All safety measures are taken: reservation system, disinfection of equipment, physical distance.


Combine a strong body with your best mindset for a happy life!

Every personal training session includes coaching for discovering your best self:

  • building a positive mindset, the concept of balance and moderation
  • problem solving and goal achievement techniques
  • increase self-esteem and self-identity
  • understand emotional eating, stress management and proper relaxation methods.


Nutrition coach

Combine your strong body and strong mindset with a personalized nutrition plan!

Enjoy life and enjoy balance in your diet:

  • learn about healthy food choices
  • combine proteins, carbohydrates and fats in proper quantity for you
  • get your personalized shopping list, meal ideas and overcome sugar addiction.

What my happy clients say

"Things I have never thought I could do when I was 50 ... I do! It's a really great experience. As a personal trainer, Teodora encourages me, understands my goals and is super professional. Even when it comes to eating habits. Training with Teodora is fun and full of enthusiasm. In short, Teodora is great!"
Teodora taught me how to find the right balance between working full time from home and making time for myself. Working from home began to affect my mental health and food routine. Each work-out session we started with a good conversation about how I feel, what I ate and how my week was. Teodora always makes sure I keep on laughing while working out. I never leave the gym without a boost and a smile on my face! Highly recommended!
For me personal training with Teodora is great. After I gave birth I started training with her and she absolutely knows how to train a woman who just gave birth. First we had a talk about what are your goals with your body, what do you want etc etc. Then I got a diet plan and training plan. We did it step by step and every time we meet, it gets a little bit harder and harder.. in the beginning I had sore muscles after every session but that was good and after a while I got used to it.
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